Open Show
April 1st 2018
Smooth Collies

A huge thank you to the committee for inviting me judge Smooth collies today. The entry was very good and quality was high. I am always searching for Collies that  are refined and elegant in head but without weak chins, and I want strength and balance in body. I take the  wording of the  standard   'absolute soundness is essential'  with all due seriousness, and my winners delighted me.

Veteran dog: no entries

Puppy dog: no entries.

Junior Dog.(1)
1) Vickery & Lusty's BLAMORDER BERO BEAR  Tricolour who needs time to fill out in body and clean out through the stop. Having said that, he has a  well placed dark eye, flat skull and nice fill of muzzle. Tight feet and strong pasterns. Would like to see more length to his upper arm. Tight coat of good colour. A bit erratic on the move but when he settled he moved OK.

Post Graduate Dog. (3)
1) Loader's CONEYPARK COUNTDOWN FOR ALLANGILL.  Shaded sable with everything I was looking for. Well bodied, super rounded bone, good neck and topline. Loved his strong pasterns and tight feet, long well carried tail. He has a masculine head with a good clean profile, no excessive depth and the correct flat skull, well filled without being overdone. Strong chin of good length. His excellent small well placed ears combined with his dark well placed eye give him a kind intelligent expression showing a sweetness of disposition.  Alert and on his toes, responding well to his handler, he strode out effortlessly with strength and drive. Best Dog
2) Coates SEANUA SCOTCH MIST Upstanding masculine tricolour with superb bone, strong pasterns, tight feet, good neck and topline.  Dressed in a gleaming black coat. His beautiful contsructon flows through into his effortless movement. He has an excellent chin and dark eyes, but for me his head is that  little bit too deep and  although his skull is flat, it is a little too strong.

Open dog (2)
1) Denton's BRACKENHAYE FIELDS OF GOLD. Shaded sable with a very nice head. Masculine and well filled in muzzle, excellent chin. Kind eye and small well placed ears  combine to give him  a soft intelligent  expression . Good neck and well angulated, but I would prefer stronger feet and pasterns. Moved out well. Reserve Best Dog

Veteran Bitch (3)
1) Coates ALOPEX BLUE MOON Blue bitch of fabulous colour. Feminine with good forechest, strong pasterns and feet. Well muscled and powerful on the move. Nice muzzle and well formed chin. I would prefer her head to be a little longer and to be slightly more refined in skull. Best Veteran in breed.
2) Moores MANORDIEFI SILVER SPARKLE. This girl has a glorious head and expression. Sadly she is   too deep in chest and it spoils her front movement.

Puppy Bitch 2 entries both absent

Junior Bitch  2 entry absent

Post Graduate bitch (5)
1) Carpenter's PLAISANCE EVA LA BELLE. My eye was instantly drawn to this shapely blue bitch.  Clear silvery blue contrasted well against the splashes of black in her jacket. Excellent neck, strong body from every angle, I could see this girl tackling a wiley ram or driving sheep to market with no problems. Wonderful round bone, tight feet, good angulaton. In spite of having such a strong athletic body she has a refined feminine head, no depth in profile, flat skull and well formed chin, tight lipline. Loved her obliquely set eye that provided her with an alert, intelligent expression. Her overall strength, balance and effortless reachy movement won her this very nice class, and Reserve best bitch. I later discovered she is the younger sister of my eventual bob winner!
2) Denton's BRACKENHAYE SHAPE O'MY HEART Another well balanced and shapely female, this  one a tricolour with jet black coat which gave her the edge over 3 in the class.  Classic head, beautiful ears, but would prefer her eye to be slightly darker. Moved very soundly with good reach and  drive. 

Open bitch (8)
1) Sweeney's PLAISANCE BLUE BELLE My star of the day! Instantly appealed for her ring presence and overall balance, she exemplifies dignity in every way. Calmly showing off her charms, of which she has many.  Her head is absoluely my cup of tea, refined and so clean in outline, a perfect wedge from every angle, and with a strong well formed chin and tight lip line.  Her sweet dignified expression is filled with superiority.  She has such elegance. Beautifully angulated front showing an excellent forechest. Straight front legs with strong pasterns.  Nice turn of stifle. Well formed rib cage and strong loin. Collected on the move, light on her feet, and maintaining the correct top line. Best bitch, Best of Breed and on the decision of the referee,  she went  Reserve Best in Show, I loved her.
2) Dentons CH KEVRANNA THERAS ENATE ECHO. Sable girl with exquisite head and eye detail, well angulated she strides out well on the move. Would prefer stronger feet and pasterns.

Angela Harvey (Judge)