West of England Collie Society
Open Show Sunday 7th April 2019

I would like to thank W.E.C.S for inviting me to act as Referee today at this well organised friendly show. We were blessed with a dry and later sunny day so all the Judging was able to take place outside in good size grass rings.

Sally Humphrey (Rough) and Claire Norman (Smooth) the breed judges were unable to reach an agreement, so I was called upon to decide between some lovely examples of both breeds for the in show awards.

Denton’s CH. KEVRANNA THERAS ENATE ECHO  A Stunning Shaded S/W Smooth Collie bitch of 7 years with correct eye and ear placement, flat skull, strong arched neck, well laid shoulder, well made body with good muscle tone. Her well presented coat gleamed in the sunshine. Moved very well, with good reach and strong rear end drive.  
Her sheer elegance both standing and moving couldn’t be ignored today.

Ware’s BELLA BIMBA DELLA BUCA DELLA FATE AT WASSAIL. A pretty S/W Rough Collie bitch with a very sweet eye and expression, refined, balanced head with flat skull, correct stop and neat well placed ears. Good reach of neck and nicely made body. Shown in good well presented coat.  Movement was light and flowing. Close decision, but just preferred her slightly cleaner head pattern over the Smooth dog, Beeney’s CONEYPARK BLACK SABBATH.  An eye catching Tri, who I have often admired from the ringside.  His masculine head is balanced with level planes, flat skull, correctly placed ears and nice eye and kind expression.  Good length of neck and well made body with good muscle tone throughout. Very powerful movement with good reach and rear end drive


Tame’s OH SUZANNA DU CLOS DE SEAWIND AT RAHLISSA. A very pretty 10 month old s/w Rough with a very sweet expression, balanced head with neat well placed ears, and well developed body with lovely outline in well presented nicely fitted coat. Once slowed to her correct pace she moved well. Her extra maturity gained her BP over the very nice Smooth Puppy, Denton’s RYLANCE MOONSHINE. A very promising b/m of just 7 months.  He has a lovely outgoing temperament and was obviously enjoying his day. Has a clean balanced head with a very sweet eye and expression, good ear placement, flat skull. Nice reach of neck, good front and rear angulation and lovely outline. Moved well in both directions.


Jane Gay