West of England Collie Society
Open Show April 2019
Rough Collies

Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge their show, and their hospitality also thanks to my stewards.

Vet dog1
1 Skinners Nikal It’s Gud To Be Black
8yr tri dog who was very full of himself. Moved ok if a little wide in front & very happy with his tail.A little strong in head.

LOCKYER O’Connor du Bois Des Amazon’s At Gataj (Imp Fra)
11months heavily coated s/w beautifully presented stood & showed well. Nice eye&well moulded  foreface giving sweet expression.Well constructed with plenty of bone so moved well.

Difficult class of 2 nice dogs of totally different types 
1 Lockyers Once Upon A Time Du ClosDe Seawind With Gataj(Imp Fra)
S/W although the younger of the 2, he is far more mature & in full coat. Lovely eye & expression with good foreface & neat well used ears. Moved well, with correct tail carriage.
2 RANDALL Ladnar Balthazar
17 month b/m just coming back into coat which was beautifully presented. Moved with ease as his construction suggested. He has everything in the right place just needs to mature.

1 Once Upon A Time

O’Connor du Bois 

Lockyers Think of Me Prince of Sunlight at Gataj (Imp Hun)
Lovely shaded s/w with good reach of neck & length of back. Looked a picture standing & moved well. Lovely head with correctly placed stop, good foreface & flat skull, nice eye all combining to give a sweet expression. As all from this kennel beautifully presented. Res best dog.

1 Rust Jotars Moon N Starz
Lovely coloured B/M in good well groomed coat. Good foreface & flat skull, used his ears well. Moved better than 2nd.
2 Broadhead Rahlissa Only Make Believe
2 year S/Wwith a lovely head flat skull & nice eye. ln full coat but carrying far too much weight which affected his movement.
3 Bolt Nutslade Kiss The Stars

1 Page Lynmead Amalie Bring Me Back
3year rich Shaded S/W with a lovely refined head correctly placed stop nice eye & flat skull, neat well used ears .Correct length of back & well arched neck moved well.To be critical would like a bit more of him.
2 LOCKYER Gataj Beau Of Surprises JW
Tri of jet black well presented coat again moved well preferred the refinement of head of the winner.
3 J moon n Starz

Collins Chelborn Soul Desire For Triburle
S/W at almost 6 this dog is in his prime. He has a beautiful head of correct length with a lovely eye correctly placed stop & flat skull with well used ears combining in a melting expression. Well arched neck & good length of back. Moved well in front. Best dog & res bob.
2 Hollywood Amalie LYNMEAD Say It Again 
4 year golden S/W of totally different type being shorter all over than the winner, although still being balanced. Lovely dark eye well used ears giving a sweet expression. Has a great reach of neck which he uses moved well.
3 Patman Pick Pocket Via Samhaven

1 James Morvania Summer Affair At Deanjan
12 year S/W who still has a refined head with correct stop & flat skull nice eye & neat well used ears. Still moves well in good coat. Best Veteran.

Baker Tiganlea Twinkling Sky
1 6month tri baby of lovely shape. Head a little raw at the moment. Once settled moved & showed well.

1 Tame Oh Suzanna Du Clos De SEA-WIND At Rahlissa (Imp Fra)
Very pretty bitch with nice eye clean stop & flat skull just needs to fill in foreface. Good reach of neck & length of back moved well to take BPIB & BPIS.
2 Baker Tiganlea Good Luck Trinket
Another pretty S/Wcarrying a wealth of coat which was well presented. Lovely shape, nice head moved well.
3 Collins Salsina Sharing A Kiss with Triburle

1 Tame Riverside Song Xtra Sweet At Rahlissa (Imp Rom)
Very striking S/W with full white collar. Lovely head with sweet eye, correct stop & well moulded foreface. Well arched neck & good length of back moved well.
2 Baker Tiganlea Let There Be Love
Really pretty 11 month S/W. Beautiful shape with a clean head & sweet eye .
3 Beadon & Arrowsmith Saganan Blue Diamond 

1 James Old Golden Gates Fifty Fifty At Deanjan
Stunning ultra feminine B/M whom I’ve never seen before . She is the most beautiful colour with possibly too much coat but underneath she has a lovely shape well arched neck & good length of back moved with drive. Her head is so feminine 2 dark eyes correct stop & neat ears right on top of her head giving an exquisite expression not often seen on a blue.Res bb.
2 Oh Susanna
3 Saganan Blue Diamond 

1Collins Salsina Sharing A Kiss With Triburle 
3rd in a nice puppy class. Lovely shape with well arched neck used her ears well moved better in this class.
2 Legge Lynmead Sent With Love At Kalzan
3year shaded S/W who moved well preferred the head of the winner.

1Beadon Myriehewe Promises
2 year old beautifully constructed tri who moved with drive stood 4 square all the time. Correct length of head with clean stop & neat well used ears.
2 Riverside Song Xtra Sweet
3 Hollywood Amalie All Most Blonde

1Shipp Gillyflower Della Buca Delle Fate(imp ita)
2 year golden S/W sweet eye good stop & well filled foreface. Neat well used ears.Beautifully presented Moved & showed well.

1Ware Bella Bimba Della Buca Della Fate At Wassail. (Imp Ita)
Where has she been hiding most beautiful S/W who at 3 is fully mature. Beautiful head with everything as it should be & a melting expression. Beautifully made & the bone to match needless to say she covered the ground with drive from well bent stifles & short hocks. Correct length of back & well arched neck to finish it off is a born show girl who was presented to perfection had no hesitation in awarding her BB & BOB.
2Randall Fata Turchina Ladnar Di Cambiano (Imp Ita)
Very well constructed B/M of lovely colour just coming back into coat.Moved effortlessly.Clean head with flat skull.
3 Skinner Samhaven Time Is Money With Nikal

Legge Lynmead Amalie Bye Bye Love At Kalzan
5year shaded S/W very feminine in nice well fitted coat. Pretty head pattern unfortunately ears light today.

Sally Humphrey.