West of England Collie Association  Open Show 7 April 19
Smooth Collies

I would like to thank the West of England Collie Association for my appointment and the competitors who entered under me.  We enjoyed good weather and were outside.  The Committee is extremely hard working and the show is excellently run making for a friendly atmosphere.  Pleased that my BOB was awarded BIS and BVIS

Smooth Collies
PD: (1) 1. Denton’s Rylance Moonshine, 7 month old blue merle, confident and happy young man enjoying his showing. He has a nice length of head, good use of ears, nice dark correct shaped eye making for a soft expression.  Just needs to clear in stop. Nice length of neck.  Good shoulder and nice turn of stifle onto well let down hocks.  Good bone. Moved correctly in front and behind when he had settled down.

PGD: (1) 1. Moores’ Manordeifi Bow Regard, 19 month old nicely coloured sable dog of a finer type.  Good eye and expression but would prefer a more moulded foreface.  Today he was a little unsettled with his movement.

Open Dog (3) 1 Mrs S M Beeney Coneypark Black Sabbath 21/2 year old tri, excellent coat, head handles well  good blunt wedge, correct eye placement and used his ears none stop.  At one with his handler.  He has good lay of shoulder, deep chest, level back correct rise over his loins. good turn of stifle onto well let down hocks which enabled him to move with drive showing effortless movement holding his topline throughout.  Beautiful in profile.  On this occasion he showed more ring presence than second.  BD RBOB
2 Mr R J & Mrs J M Denton’s Brackenhaye Fields of Gold 3 year old shaded sable.  Head handles well – clean blunt wedge, correct shape and colour of eye giving a soft expression , used ears well and has a good underjaw.  He was unlucky to meet 1.  Moved correctly and held his topline throughout.  Again a dog lovely inprofile due to his correct length to height ratio

Veteran bitch  - A hard class with two sound bitches
(2) 1Mr R J & Mrs J M Denton’s Ch Kevranna Theras Enate Echo 71/2 year old shaded sable bitch.  Beautifully presented.  She was on top form today and showed constantly demonstrating correct placement and use of ears, she has a sweet eye and expression.  Feminine. Her head is a clean blunt wedge and handles well.  Good length of neck Body correct length to height ratio, level back with slight rise over loin. She moved out with drive and with a good reach maintaining a level topline.  She is excellent in profile and stands with dignity.  Good front assembly matched behind onto well let down hocks, enabling her to move effortlessly.  Pleased to award her BOB finally going BIS.
2 Miss D J Moores Manordeifi Silver Sparkle 91/2 year old blue merle bitch different in type to 1 but nevertheless a sound bitch.  She has a sweet eye and expression and demonstrates none of her 91/2 years.  I would prefer her to be a little more filled in the foreface.  Moved well

Puppy Bitch
(1) 1 Mrs Dewart-White Blamorder Feeling Good.  Standing alone very immature sable puppy bitch of 6 months at her first show.  Unfortunately her ears were very erratic and light today.  Very hard to access as she moved erratically due to her immaturity would have liked to see more condition on her.

Junior bitch
(3,2) 1 Miss D J Moore Blamorder Ridin on a Rainbow to Manordeifi  13 month old tri bitch.  Head handles quite well but difficult to assess today.  Her ears were a little light.  Correct dark eyes.  At present she is carrying too much weight which impaired her movement

Post Graduate Bitch
(3) 1 Mrs S M Beeney Coneypark Cover Girl 2 ½ year old tri bitch.  Head handles well, excellent well blunt wedge, dark eyes correct shape and placement giving sweet expression.  Used her ears none stop.  Presented in excellent condition.  Her first show.  Good length of neck.  Well laid back shoulder and good return of upper of arm, mirrored by correct turn of stifle.  Moved soundly with level topline.  Litter sister to 1 in Open dog
2 Miss D J Moores Manordeifi Button Rose 2 ½ year old sable bitch smaller type and finer all over.  Good dark eye of correct shape , used ears well, would have liked more molding in foreface.  Good length of neck.  Level topline.  Moved soundly.

Open Bitch
(7, 2) 1 Mrs S M Beeney Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark 6 ½ year old sable bitch of correct proportion.  Nice head shape with blunt wedge.  Good use of ears.  Correct eye shape and placement.  Sweet expression.  Good lay of shoulder.  Level topline.  Correct turn of stifle .  She moved correctly with drive maintaining a level topline.  RBB
2 Mrs J Sweeney Plaisance Blue Belle 5 year old blue merle bitch smaller and finer in type to 1 but nicely proportioned with a good overall shape and a good neck.  Head handles well, good ears well used .  Nice eye.  Moved soundly

Clair Norman (Seanua)